Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The cunning New York Post are reporting that Britney might, in fact, be in on the deal with the paparazzi and that she lets them know where she’ll be at certain times so they can turn up and photograph her in a fury of excitement. How fascinating! What astonishing NEW information! And gosh, further to that, what remarkable implications it has for our collective understanding of who Britney Spears is. Who the REAL Britney Spears is. Why, from this report, one could almost ascertain that she’s mildly narcissistic! Well, good heavens.

Aside from the apparent multiple identities, her drug addictions, her Stockholm Syndrome boyfriend and medication numbed panic over her decomposed family and career in music, one of the main things that has clearly driven Mademoiselle Spears since the moment she was born is her fear of fading into obscurity. To combat that fear she calls the paparazzi to get press coverage of her every move. She’s not the only celebrity to do that either, I mean, I personally know celebrities who do it. It’s not even that bad really. I mean, it’s just practical to arrange for your own publicity. Publicists suck. In short, the Post is really hitting it out of the park this morning. [source]

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