Friday, January 25, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A Japanese woman named Sachiko Tsukada, 30 allegedly stole a million dollars for her "boyfriend" who had emailed her a picture of a good-looking man but shunned contact in person for years, police and reports said Friday. "I thought he would dislike me if I refused to lend money," she was quoted as telling police. This Tsudaka woman sounds like a totally together, happening woman who any man should be proud to be married to. Actually, she sounds delusional after being crippled by loneliness. Her brain just checked out after a while because it was sick of hanging out with her seeing as she had no friends. [source]

A Spanish driver who killed a 17-year old cyclist in a traffic accident is suing the boy's parents for €20,000 for the damage caused to his luxury car. Businessman Tomas Delgado, 43 who faced no criminal charges for the incident despite allegedly travelling at more than 100 mph on a road with a speed limit of 50 mph, is also asking for a further €6,000 to cover the cost of hiring another vehicle while his was being repaired. I was pretty stunned at John Gibson’s exploitation of Heath Ledger this week but I wasn’t surprised because it was media and media people are cut throat self promoters and its business. This, however, is a real doozy. What a charming man Tomas Delgado must be. I certainly am not really enchanted by the thought of dating him. What’s the bet he thinks of himself as a real alpha male lover who beats his partners while having sex and likes to think he’s an accomplished rapist but in reality he’s a whining brat who stamps his foot when he doesn’t get ice cream. Maybe the family should all shit in a suitcase for a month and then send that to him. It’s just an idea. [source]

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