Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Sun, UK has been on the war path flogging the same old story about how Amy Winehouse does drugs for ages. This time they’ve posted photos and video footage of Ms. Winehouse smoking crack and talking about how useless she would be down at the pub on account of the fact that she’d taken 6 Valium. The great thing about the Sun’s written report that includes the video above is the way they capitalize the words “Ecstasy”, “Valium”, and “Cocaine”. Just in case you weren’t going to get far enough into the article without those three words being forced into your face.

Amy Winehouse is essentially the UK’s version of Britney Spears at this point. Apparently every country needs its own cracked out, unstable pop culture figure so the local media can document every second of the rapid human decay. Human decay is the new black.

Regardless, there are suburban mothers who will now ban their kids from listening to Winehouse and who are appalled and that thought it calming. [source]

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