Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Page Six Magazine reports that Britney Spears may be considering marriage for the third time. This time to her current boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. The first time was to High School boyfriend Jason Alexander and it lasted 48 hours.

Adnan Ghalib is actually married but separated from his wife a week before he and Britney met. The recent 50 billion dollar trip Spears and Ghalib took to Mexico was apparently in part about swinging a Mexican divorce. Just the phrase “Mexican divorce” actually sounds like a form of torture or a really potent cocktail. Or a sexual position. Actually, there are so many different uses for that phrase. Whatever it is, Brit and the Pap should get one. Actually two.

When did Adnan Ghalib really become her boyfriend? The press seems to humour her relationship with him but clearly he’s an opportunist and clearly she is unhinged and incapable of discerning between people and things.

Marriage seemed to be the element that threw a spanner in the works for Britney actually. She was doing fine and then when she got married she was revealed to be sincerely white trash and went insane. Or at least, marriage allowed the insanity to flow freely. Marriage may not be the answer for Brit. Although, if she did get married it might be interesting to see how the plot develops. Ghalib has gone past the point where he could leave the relationship and not be a major contribution to her depression. Now, if anything goes wrong he’ll be blamed. Lucky he’s been collecting photographs so he can make a little money…[source]

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