Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The two main stories circulating about Naomi Campbell right now are that she went to Venezuela to interview Hugo Chavez for GQ and that now, as a result, she is dating him.
She did actually go to Venezuela to interview him and I, personally, will be sweating in nauseated anticipation until I read that interview but her people have vehemently denied that she is dating him. In real life though, it’s far more believable that she would be dating the Socialist dictator and far less viable that she would have gone to Caracas to talk with him. I mean, it’s actually unrealistic that she would be invited to go anywhere to talk about anything at all ever.

The post I read about this said:

"According to respected El Universal journalist Nelson Bocaranda, he 53-year-old president fell 'head-over-heels' in love with the catwalk queen after their interview."

Of course in Venezuela you can never be sure who owns what newspaper so it’s good that they threw in the line about how Nelson Bocaranda is a respected journalist.

This could all just be a campaign to emphasize the virility of Chavez though. And it would work out for Campbell too seeing as she hasn’t had really any press of late that has surpassed the fairly standard line reports of her beating her assistants within an inch of their life. Perhaps dating a political bully would suit her. They can hold barbarian contests involving lions and assistants. My how I can see the two of them laughing at the romantic nature of an afternoon spent bludgeoning. [source]

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