Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TMZ reports that Dr. Phil is how drumming up publicity by going on talk shows to talk about how much he hasn’t mentioned attempting to exploit Britney Spears in the promotion of his new TV show a couple of weeks ago.

That means he’s essentially taking a leaf out of the self promotional hand book of people like Kim Kardashian and even Kim Cattrall (who kept us all on the edge of our seats as she deliberated over whether or not the script to the Sex and the City movie was going to be good enough for her).

It’s rather interesting that a man whose entire angle is anchored in teaching people how to be self aware is actually no better than a common charlatan evangelist. But you know, I mean, I could tell he was like this the moment I knew he whitened his teeth.

Doctors and lawyers who appear on TV are often the worst kind of people. Actually, they’re often the most frightening kind of people because you can tell they’ve forced themselves to study hard and get all the qualifications they need to be doctors and lawyers but what they really REALLY wanted was to headline on Broadway and so now their crippling need seeps out in uncontrollable ways. I mean, it’s interesting and often masochistically funny but it’s usually just as horrifying. It's often like watching a suburban parent get all excited and energetic about manning a cappucino booth at their kid's school fair. It's like finally they can express themselves but at this point the inner message is just too broken and warped so they end up being freaks.

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