Wednesday, January 09, 2008 are reporting that the Spears family feel betrayed by Dr. Phil after he went to the hospital to interview Britney Spears for a special Britney Spears featured episode of his show that he had been publicizing for days.

The Spears Family rep went on the Today show and said that the Spears family asked him to come in as a medical resource not to go out and make public statements. What the hell kind of decision is that? Of all the doctors they could have called they called one that appears on TV? Doctors who appear on TV have a special place in Hell. It was in a Woody Allen film.

This is almost as stupid as someone who goes on Big Brother saying they felt betrayed by the producers for skewing the footage of them to make them seem like something they’re not. Actually, it’s exactly like that. This is AS stupid as one of the stupidest things ever.

Dr. Phil has only made it this far because of all the clout and support he’s gotten from Oprah. Doctors who appear on TV are freaking weird people. I’m not talking about medical editors or Doctors like Sanjay Gupta from CNN. I’m talking about people like that freaking showbiz whore red headed woman doctor who would glide out from backstage in the Sally Jesse Raphael show. They’d announce her and she would fly out like Mama Rose with her arms outstretched, drinking in all the applause and then she’d perform her medical advice like she was some kind of RADA actor.

Dr. Phil is essentially that woman but he’s got whiter teeth and he’s got Oprah behind him so he seems mainstream viable. At the core of it, he’s a showbiz whore. He was looking to pimp out his show and he’s done that. When this blows over he’ll be back on track. He just needs a little Oprah blessing now to clean off the muddy blood. [source]

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