Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gatecrasher reports that Will Smith gave out Scientology personality test invitations as wrap gifts to the crew on “Hancock” his most recent film. In the past, Will Smith has consciously denied that he is a Scientologist when asked. People ask him about Scientology because he is friends with Tom Cruise who is their Christ figure and because Scientology is a business based cult, it’s assumed that anyone Cruise comes in contact with has their skull hammered as Cruise tries to recruit. I think that’s pretty much common knowledge.

So, Will Smith has also denied that Cruise has tried to indoctrinate him until he started passing out cards at the wrap party. I mean, handing out propaganda has to indicate that he’s bought into it somehow.

Will Smith is so hell-bent on being a top movie star that he’s just balancing the tight rope walk that everyone around Tom Cruise does; they all want to get on his good side professionally so they join up and then they cash in. Will Smith knows that most people think Scientology is a freaking absurd cult that will damage his image like it has Cruise’s so he has to limit how much people link him to it but at the same time he’s been felating Cruise for years to get in with him professionally.

Tom Cruise is a manic, needy megalomaniac freak though so it’s not like the ride is a walk in the park. He'd be like the Scientologist Lou Pearlman where he sits in a chair in a bathrobe behind a desk and Will Smith would be sitting in front of him asking, "What do I have to do to get in a big budget movie with United Artists?"

Tom Cruise smiles and responds, "You figure it out..." and pushes a pile of pamphlets across the desk towards Will Smith..

It’s so weird how Tom Cruise is this serious force to be reckoned with and people are afraid of him. It’s like you have to make a choice; go the Tom Cruise way or go the way of the rational world. IT’s a toss up. [source]

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