Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ben Widdicombe at the New York Daily News reports that actress Sean Young, who got really drunk and yelled drunken abuse at Julian Schnabel, George Clooney and Marion Cotillard at the Director’s Guild Awards in Hollywood on the weekend, has avoided commenting on her behavior and has checked into rehab.

There’s something immensely and comfortingly reliable about this story even though the basis for it is completely anchored in unhinged, addiction poisoned, erratic, freakish behavior. Sean Young hasn’t worked in years so you’ve got the whole high maintenance actress who hasn’t had her ego stroked on a grand cinematic scale since who knows when thing to consider (although, I was surprised to find that she’s actually done a lot of bit part stuff on TV – almost consistently since she started working) . Plus, there’s the abuse of alcohol thing and the drunken disorderly thing – in front of her professional colleagues.

There’s no complex multiple personality disorder rumour like there is with Britney, no hardcore drug abuse problem like there is with Lohan, no plastic surgery nightmare like say, with Joan van Ark; with Sean Young there’s just really predictable ego and behavior issues that seem fairly standard. Plus, the fact that she’s claiming penance by invoking rehab when rehab is so two years ago is just quaint.

Sean Young’s behavior now really seems like what Joan Crawford would have been like if she were around nowadays. For that, I salute Sean Young. [source]

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