Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, look at that. Kathy Hilton has come out with a fragrance so she can financially capitalize on her massive fan base at a rate of 1200% profit and good for her. The fragrance is called “My Secret”.
And you know, the interesting thing here is that I thought her secret was to whore her kids out relentlessly after marrying into money so news that she might have another secret and that it’s available in fragrance form for a mere 52 dollars at Macy’s is wonderful news indeed.
I wonder what extravagant secrets of her endlessly glamorous and virtuous life will be subtly and graciously revealed in the sumptuous layered fragrant experience that is her new perfume. I’m busy wondering right now.
Trust her to race straight for the high return product ideas. Fragrances are so weird; they are this completely marketed concept where almost all of the substance is completely made up by marketers and the actual product is just glorified cat urine so any money paid for it is essentially profit.
Actually, from looking at the Home Shopping Network site, it seems that Hilton has been flogging crap beauty products for years.

Who the hell buys this crap? It’s probably the same people who buy the Celine Dion and David Beckham fragrances. Or Faberge. Then they go to their friends’ weddings and stand there in the rented tuxedo still wearing their Doc Boots with yellow stitching or even worse, just sneakers. Plus, they wear their biker sunglasses for all the photos and don’t cut their hair. Just so you know they’re not some flouncing nancy who takes the outfit seriously.

So, in short, Kathy Hilton wants you to pay her money to smell like her; namely a gold digging skank child pimp. Start saving kids. Interestingly enough, Perez Hilton spat acid about this product. Maybe he's not so afraid of losing Paris Hilton any more. [source]

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