Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The New York Post reports that some freak assed weirdo pretended to be Heath Ledger’s father and conned a funeral home into booking him a room at the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Avenue. He also managed to get Tom Cruise on the phone who consoled him over the death of Heath Ledger and was moments away from getting John Travolta from buying him an airline ticket to New York from Australia. He also contacted Christian Bale, Halle Berry and Mel Gibson.

The whole thing is pretty vile but you have to admit that managing to get away with all that isn’t easy so the guy has something going for him. Perhaps he should work in PR.
I would be interested to know exactly HOW Tom Cruise counseled him. The Post reports that Cruise cut the guy off abruptly after he learned that the guy was an imposter but it’s far more likely that they both discovered an intellectual synthesis while on the phone because they’re both freaking insane. Which isn’t to say that Travolta isn’t insane either but he wasn’t called in to be a therapist. Tom Cruise was called for counseling and rightly so.

The imposter hasn't be caught but investigations are underway.

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