Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Page Six reports that Britney Spears was seen walking into a Betsey Johnson store in LA with her Stockholm syndrome boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. She apparently went into the change room and came out naked and then went back into the change room where she and Adnan Ghalib “made strange noises”. Presumably the noises were the result of them having some kind of sex or you know, she was eating and he was feeding her. He looks like he could be a feeder. I’m just putting that out there.

The staff were shocked and I’d guess they were also mild nauseous.
Anyway, so the thing about this is, stories about Britney tend to have become this really bare bones thing. You can't just "write about Britney" now. It’s a given that there will be something about her in the news every day so therefore any headline that has the word Britney in it is sort of just part of the blur. Then, after that, it’s also a given that the story will be something to do with her walking around with or without a guy, and she’ll probably have her car and she’ll probably be buying something.

This story is good because it involves her doing something more than just fraps and gum and gas. Plus, the article said she was speaking in an English accent and had weird, patchy hair. That’s a sign of emotional instability and or a lack of quality hair products. Of course, how much of Britney’s hair is actually her hair at this point is another matter. [source]

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