Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

German authorities were able to pin a burglary committed in April on a suspected serial thief after he left a half-eaten slice of salami carrying a sliver of his DNA at a crime scene, police said on Thursday and I’m actually amazed that I’m amazed at this story. Stupid burglary stories are so common these days, they make up news filler stories more than anything else. Still, I guess it never ceases to amaze me that burglars will do dumb ass things like eat a sandwich while robbing someone. I mean, does it need to be explained? Actually, I kind of like it because it means that real life is more like a Monty Python sketch than we may have previously thought. Particularly in Germany where people are always running around naked pretending to be pigs and stuff. Burglars in Germany are perhaps a source of light hearted relief for readers of the news in the West and for that they should receive an award. Immediately. Ok, now someone is eating some kind of beef that smells like it was cooked in the 50s. This is what you get when you spend time around people. Beef. [source]

Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday approved the appointment of the House of Commons first female serjeant at arms. Jill Pay, a former assistant serjeant takes over from Major General Peter Grant Peterkin, who retired in December. She is the first woman in the post's 593-year history.The serjeant at arms, who is the only person in the Commons allowed to carry a sword to symbolise the position's authority, heads up the chamber's 40-strong security team. The thing is, even though the Queen made this appointment, in British parliament there is bound to now be a bunch of tweed coat wearing elderly men who have dominating oddly shaped teeth and leave a trail of dust in the air that eminates from their hair who wander around with tea cups in hand saying things like “Eh what?” about anything that are secretly against it. I’m not sure why, I’m just pretty sure that that’s what some members of British Parliament actually look like. No research necessary! I just know! [source]

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My legs totally cramp up after I sit crosslegged on the couch reading your blog. Then I have to hobble crippled to the bathroom to do a wee when I get up..Then I feel old... So thanks a lot!

Sarah Doyle told me to find you. She cryptic. But also excellent.

Good Work My Friend. Good Work.

We share the same birthday btw.. whats it like being a guy and being born on July the 9th? I often wonder why people think its so special to share birthdays. How much can you have in common with someone really just from sharing a birthday? Do you have irrational fear of things? like shower curtains, and reflections? and do you find incidental racist comedy funny? If so. We are twins and I would like to invite you over for some Rice-A-Roni.