Thursday, January 31, 2008

It’s only taken what, 18 months, for this to FINALLY happen but it finally has. In the wee hours of the Los Angeles morning, Lynn, Jamie and Bryan Spears staged a kind of massive highly theatrical coup including the police and an ambulance so they could ensure that Britney Spears be taken to hospital and placed under 3 days of psychiatric watch. She is now there and it looks like she could be kept there for more than three days if everything goes according to plan. was gracious enough to file minute by minute updates on the story as they did when Paris Hilton went in and came out of jail and that story about Lindsay Lohan driving like a maniac with three guys in the back of her car. Then at around 7:12am they posted a complete recap of the entire thing for anyone who wasn’t awake while it happened.
If you sat down and imagined what the entire thing was like you’d be pretty much correct – just like you’d have been correct if, over the past year, you took a wild guess every day as to what the gossip press were reporting about her daily activities. There was bickering between Britney’s family and Sam Lufti (or should I say Osama Lufti – HA!) her terrorist (probably) friend which is entirely predictable.

Two things that weren’t predictable about her being taken to hospital are the fact that Lynn Spears rode in a car with Adnan Ghalib, Britney’s Stockholm Syndrome boyfriend AND the fact that ran a survey asking readers whether they were on Osama Lufti’s side or Britney’s Parents’ side in this and it was split evenly down the middle. As in, when I checked it it was literally 50% on either side.
That seems odd to me seeing as Britney seems to be entirely surrounded by mooching freeloaders with their own agendas and despite everything, she’s still an endeared public figure.
Anyway, turns out she’s bipolar and has been going off her meds – which makes for a much simpler explanation than whatever else people were coming up with. Like, that she was possessed. There’s got to be someone in the US who is praying for Britney Spears because they think she’s possessed. [source]

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