Monday, June 25, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Slutty Catholics in Manila have yet another reason to just take the healthy route and become atheists because the Catholic Church in Manila has implemented a dress code for mass. Apparently, the tight lipped mothers were getting upset at the amount of flesh people were showing in church so they had a quick word to the Father and put a stop to that. And it’s really everyone’s loss because the most sexually frustrated people in the world are only that way because of religion so Mass on a Sunday is probably a prime cruising location. [source]

In a moment of sheer triumph, the coveted title for World’s Ugliest Dog is a genetic travesty from New Jersey that goes by the name of Elwood. The dog is a Chihuahua cross Chinese Crested and frankly, is so fucking ugly it looks like a cartoon character that's in constant physical pain just sitting there OR is the dog embodiment of hate and sadness. And nightmares from childhood. Jesus, I can’t even look at it. Like, I used the picture but still haven’t actually allowed myself to look at it. I put my fingers over the screen. Literally, I covered it. Like when you see naked pictures of your boss or something. [source]

A nude American sunbather was arrested after he went for a morning swim in Rome’s Barcaccia fountain. Firstly, what is it with Italians arresting people for swimming in their extravagant citywide water features? A woman was arrested for more or less re-enacting that scene from La Dolce Vita a few weeks back. Italian renaissance architecture is so utterly attention hungry and insists that you look at the sparkling blue pools in the summer heat but you’re not allowed to actually swim in it. Secondly, what is it with Americans who wander into cities and just get naked in public. Look, I’m not complaining if a 22 year old guy wants to get naked in Rome and go swimming in some incredible fountain – but first there’s that guy who people complained about in Germany recently and now this. America really is sexually bipolar. They minute they get out of the regime at home they go nuts. It’s like drinking alcohol when you’re finally legal at 21. Can everyone just chill out for a second? [source]

Also, the judge who was suing for 54 million dollars because dry cleaners lost his pants lost the case. The judge ruled in favour of the Dry Cleaners. Apparently, pants aren’t worth 54 million dollars. Just in case anyone was biting their nails in suspense at what the outcome might possibly be. [source]

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