Thursday, June 07, 2007

A bit of an update: Paris isn’t actually completely free; she’s under house arrest for 40 days and the reason for her move is “health related” and could not be spoken about at the press conference just held to explain why Paris is no longer in jail.

It’s actually no surprise that Camp Paris seem to be taking tips on how to deal with the press and the public from the White House; they operate imperiously outside the law and the tell everyone about it but don’t give any more information than a few fleeting sentences. It’s not surprise because Paris and Bush seem to represent the same basic thing to the American people; Deferred responsibility and vicarious potential status aspiration.

Also, ok…it doesn’t matter how many times Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. spokesperson, Steve Whitmore says that 40 days house arrest is the same as 23 days in the clink for Paris-it still doesn't gel.

So, what? The extra 17 days were thrown in because house arrest is slightly easier? That evens it out? Let’s see.

Jail: Lesbian broom handle rape, cold showers, American cheese, bologna sandwiches, 24 hour neon light, screaming, cold and no sleep.

Home: 4000 sq ft of self indulgent palatial living include a full time staff, gym, internet, pool, sun, light, friends can come over, own bed, credit cards, Hilton fortune at own disposal, celebrity friends, massive wardrobe, house parties, slumber parties, pie, several types of pie, order in food, video games, marijuana, a full bar.
Need we continue?

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