Monday, June 25, 2007

To really hammer home the stunning purity of their angelically ordained union, Kate Moss is modeling with Pete Doherty in a fashion shoot of Roberto Cavalli couture where the two of them are cast as Cleopatra and Marlon Brando.

While it’s clear that Kate Moss’ world dominating modeling career is headed toward the urinoire at the same rate and in direct proportion to the extent to which her connection to uber-eligible, super together, husband material boyfriend Pete Doherty intensifies, she’s clearly decided to drag it out as long as she can.

God, the amount of irony in this post is confusing even for me. The basic point is, Kate Moss clearly doesn’t care if her career declines due to her involvement with a crack head freak show and she’s now modeling with him. To be fair, Doherty looks good when the makeup department can cover up the relentless infection that appears to plague his cheeks. Recently, Moss has been accused of being too thin. Where do you start with that one? [source]

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