Friday, June 01, 2007

Is there a component of John Travolta’s life that isn’t entirely saturated in soul crippling denial? Apart from the day in and day out drudgery that is speculation over his sexuality, he’s reported here as refusing outright to adequately treat his autistic son, Jett, or even to actually admit that the kid has autism.

What a bang up job of parenting that is. And, while we’re at it, what a fabulously rational and worthwhile religion Scientology is too. Just as it is the case with any religion, the cult of Scientology teaches that you can overcome mental illness and anything really, by simply meditating on and working harder at integrating the religious teachings into your life. That way, if you don’t get past your issues, it’s not the fault of the divinely ordained word, it’s your own fault.

And when you consider that Scientology is sort of the formalized religious mystification of Hollywood’s outrageously unchecked narcissistic, power hungry social and professional culture then what it boils down to here is John Travolta would rather keep his professional cred in check than make sure his kid can live a healthy life.

Kick ASS! John Travolta rules! [source]

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