Monday, June 04, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Is it really “news” when what’s being reported is just the spectacle surrounding art by an artist who designed the project more or less to get media attention? Spencer Tunick is photographing lots of naked people outside in Amsterdam and it’s the same basic thing that happened in Mexico City recently. And in a host of places elsewhere; people got naked, he took the photograph. The images might be breathtaking but isn’t it just more of the same news when it comes to Spencer Tunick? Or maybe its designed as a feel-good piece that they’ll throw in at the end of the nightly news – just to leave people feeling less bleak. [source]

A Pakistani elephant named Suzi has taken to violently beating her keeper when meals are late indicating that Suzi herself may very well be the elephant reincarnation of one of those stately matrons from polite English society who had a flock of servants and lived in a manor house. The kind who would sit in a big chair with a walking stick held proudly out in front of them and would be stern with the grandchildren. Beating the staff in those days was the only way to ensure value for the money you paid for them. [source]

A man in Poland who has been in a coma for 19 years finally awoke looked around and said that Poland, post communism, is much prettier. Incidentally, if he had woken up from a coma after 19 years in the US he would have probably died instantly anyway when he looked at how much it would cost him. Now that he can move and talk what does he do? "I wake up at 7 a.m. and I watch TV," he said, smiling slightly. [source]

59 hot dogs eaten were just inhaled by Joey Chestnut in one sitting(now there’s a winner’s name you could base a short lived religion on), of Arizona. Joey broke the world record set by Takeru Kobayashi who ate 53. Not surprisingly, Arizona is one of the less dense states in the union and it has plenty of desert and maybe even a few UFO sightings to set the cultural tone. It’s no wonder young Joey was able to shove 59 nitrate laden hog anus into his gullet. What the hell else would he do with his time? [source]

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