Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Now that her critically acclaimed, organically charged and altogether charming, soul affecting music has propelled her to peak levels, Avril Lavigne is keen to channel those same unique personal qualities that have endeared her to so many into acting as well. She’s already had a few bit parts!

The thing is, with all the publicist crafted anti-establishment hyped up fluff that seems to endlessly emanate from Lavigne, maybe acting is the way to go. As the anti-Spears, Lavigne has always been a carefully crafted product and she has, rather cleverly, never once really broken character. People see through the translucent saccharine haze but she doesn’t crack.
“Never cracking” is, incidentally, the key to profiting off being a concept based, one dimensional product. It has worked well for Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Ann Coulter. Conversely, Britney Spears’ stock plummeted when she revealed her own fallible humanity. So, seeing as Avril has kept the character going this long without allowing self awareness to take over maybe acting is the right thing for her. She certainly has tenacity.

In fact, if you look at this video for “Girlfriend” the only palatable song on her new album, “The Best Damn Thing” you can see that she is, in fact, playing TWO characters at the same time. Both seem hell bent on some kind of comedic slap stick struggle, fighting over a boy and she has the complex, polar characterizations DOWN.

You know what? Avril Lavigne for QUEEN OF EVERYTHING. Oh, wait, she sort of already is. [source]

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