Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today Extraordinarily Odd

Reports of Dogs painting with paintbrushes on canvas have emerged from Salisbury, MD which really goes to point out that those elephant paintings of the mid nineties are completely over and dogs are in. In many ways, dogs are the new elephants. “My Marjorie, how enchanting that generic abstract expressionist painting is, it matches the couch and everything!” Well, it was actually painted by a dog, Audrey. Isn’t that new and different!” There’s something eerily bestial and suburban about this. [source]

A traditional folk healer in Malaysia dances around in the nude in her healing dance and the conservative Muslim locals are apparently upset by it. Perhaps if you consider the mean spirited, conservative Muslim requirement that all women be covered head to toe in burkas at all times it makes sense but it is really more gratifying to insist that they just sit there and BE uncomfortable. Suck it up. [source]

Despite its natural tendency towards sadism, the Vatican took a break from the daily grind to churn out a few more rules but this time, they were whimsical. In establishing the road rules for the Vatican City, officials have chosen to use language like that of the Olde English translation of the Old Testament so rules read like, “Thou shall not consider a car an object of personal glorification or use it as a place of sin.” Which is of course, not the case when you’re talking about a priest’s cassock, his vestry and the odd ten year old altar boy. Good old personable whimsy. It solves everything. [source]

License plates in China are now apparently so expensive that they cost the same as a small car would. This really sounds like a governmental taxation initiative designed to lessen the amount of people who have cars in China and if that’s the case it’s interesting that the Chinese government didn’t just maim all the middle class adults so their feet couldn’t reach the accelerator. That would have slowed them down and would get the point across in a way in which the Chinese are no doubt familiar. [source]

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