Friday, June 15, 2007

When you’re the Olsen twins and it’s pretty clear you’re progressing steadily toward being the contemporary version of the two elderly women in Grey Gardens, but at this point in your life you’re still sort of going out partying but you’re also kind of a freak so you’re torn between being Paris Hilton and being some kind of culturally exiled shut in – how do you celebrate your 21st? Apparently with ten friends at the Chateau Marmont.

What a let down.

But, still, sometimes it IS better to go in the opposite direction of everyone else. LiLo and Paris are locked up because of alcohol and yet, their people are already planning the party they’ll have when they get out so doing that for shock value and profit isn’t really a new thing. Consequently, having a quiet get together is really, actually quite genius.

One question remains though: Why the fuck do the Olsen twins do that fucking weird assed pouty thing with their lips every time they’re photographed. It’s either the wide eyed monkey thing or the lip thing. And you know the lip thing isn’t a natural expression so they’ve clearly practiced it for ages. In front of the mirror. Talking to themselves about how nice they are. And how well the daisies are doing. [source]

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