Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Amy Winehouse sat in an interview and, with a blade of some sort – obviously - slashed the words “I Love Blake” into her stomach saying that she isn’t in this to “be an effing role model” and her boyfriend, in a supporting role said to the interviewer while pointing to a man in the bar they were all in, 'Tell the guy who looks like he has leukaemia I'm going to slit his throat.'.

Re. the cutting: couldn’t she have waited until she was at home? How utterly distasteful and needy.

Meanwhile, is Winehouse the new rebellious teenager’s pop icon?

Pink and Lavigne emerged in a produced response to the cleanliness of Britney and Jessica Simpson and so the dichotomy was set up and it all seemed to work – Britney pretended to be a virgin who voted Republican and dressed like a school girl, Pink spent millions on stylists to make sure she looked like a psychedelic lesbian raver who didn’t do her homework because she didn’t feel like it. It all panned out even though the Avril Lavigne couldn’t wake up in a pool of her own socially aggressive , anti-establishment vomit if you paid her – which people were, in fact, doing - so who knows what didn’t get followed up on there. But Pink is sort of out of sight and Avril Lavigne is in meltdown because her nemesis is actually messed up and she can’t work with sincerity.

Cue the image lampooning, self mutilating English woman with a hole in her teeth, a surrealist bird nest on her head (which may actually be the source of her power), crazy tragic, almost film noire aesthetic vocals singing – with genius timing – about not wanting to go to rehab not to mention the Kubrickian husband.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Winehouse and her husband go through interviews where they randomly threaten people and slash their bodies with razor blades and then once they’re outside they click back to real , breathe a sigh of relief, wander home for a cup of tea which they drink while talking in a tone reminiscent of Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles before a little afternoon nap.

That would just be absurd. [source]

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Can we please have some pics of Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles - urgently?