Friday, June 29, 2007

Again, slow news day – even the celeb stuff isn’t that great today. Paris goes to Hawaii wearing a black wig – GOD, who cares? The story about the wrestler, Chris Benoit who killed his family in a roid rage isn’t resonating for me so, I’m not talking about it. Consequently, here’s Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson (while we’re at it where’s Jennifer Coolidge?) singing a number saturated in the largest amount of gay appeal since Liza Minnelli worked with the Pet Shop Boys to cover Stephen Sondheim (which I have also graciously posted below)

And here's Liza Minnelli singing "Losing My Mind". Which of these two are more gay in general?

Also, here’s some Penelope Keith. I am sort of convinced that once Amy Winehouse goes home at night with her homicidal husband, behind closed doors she is actually alarmingly like Penelope Keith. Once the hair comes off, obviously.

Either that, or I may too, in fact, be losing MY mind.

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