Monday, June 11, 2007

Following on from other celebrities who have seen Paris’ incarceration as an opportunity to hock their own causes like Al Sharpton (who threw a fairly generic comment about minorities in the ring as soon as she was let out), Pauly Shore (who drove by her house amid the press furor to hopefully insert himself into any coverage) and Dog the Bounty Hunter (who nauseatingly offered to do Paris’ sentence for her) Joe Francis has, once again, written a letter to TMZ, the default celebrity e mail system, to offer his thoughts on Paris as well.

Apart from anything else, Joe Francis’ letter provides a glimpse into the kind of self deprecating good humour that we might be able to expect from Paris Hilton after she emerges from the cocoon.

Francis seems to be mentally clearer than the rumours that swirled around him during the early days of his incarceration might have suggested. He was apparently having a breakdown and didn’t have his medication.

Now, he’s talking openly and with good humour about his medical test results, heading off embarrassment by owning the information, and also the generally off putting details of his surroundings and diet.

If this is anything to go by, it would seem likely that if, after she gets out, if Paris could get a little sarcasm and irony into her, maybe tap into the grittiness of Courtney Love minus the horror she’ll be a gay icon far surpassing that of Britney or any of the other products. Maybe she could be on par with Courtney Love to a certain extent. Skinny, complex and blond. There are other comparisons but that’ll do. The only thing that could really drag her down is constant contact with her family and friends. Although, it seems like her friends are all ravenous for a step up in the social scene now that Paris is out so they might be too pre-occupied to go in and see her.

Paris in jail is really sort of like the story of some master villain or super hero being created.

The letter Francis wrote is published here =>[source]

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