Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So, it turns out that OJ Simpson isn’t BOTH the highly likely perpetrator of two homicides AND an author about how he would have done it if he had DEFINITELY done it. He’s just the former. The New York Post reports that OJ didn’t write the tasteful , “If I Did It” that Judith Regan was about to publish last year. OJ even stated that he spent time rehearsing the necessary crying for that interview that was meant to air on Fox News that never ended up going to air because it was apparently too horrifyingly crass even for viewers of Fox.

The audacity and gutter level nature of this particular plot twist isn’t surprising. It’s noteworthy but not surprising or worthy of all encompassing outrage. OJ has always had a penchant for gutter level attention seeking antics. The time he was interviewed by Ruby Wax in 1989 was a real Champagne moment; he stood behind a door, asked her to open it and when she did, he stood there doing the stabbing gesture from “Psycho” with a plastic banana. She explained that after the interview taping had been completed, his probably frazzled publicist called her to say that he didn’t want her to take it the wrong way – that OJ was just re-enacting a scene from his favourite musical. Cats.


It’s therefore not surprising that he would sign on to not write a book which spoke from his perspective about how he would have killed someone he insists he didn’t kill. As long as he was paid and his celebrity appetite was being filled – who cares?

What is ultimately more fascinating about this is the depths of OJ’s utter delusion and narcissism and where it leaves him at night when he’s sitting there in front of the mirror with no one else around. Taking off his makeup. You could throw a cat down into that emotional abyss and it would never hit the ground. That level of delusion and freakishness in someone who wants to be a celebrity and wants to be a role model is great. Again, not for the moral outrage – more for the freak show he is and what you could explain about humanity by considering him an exhibit.

That’s also to say nothing of Judith Regan who, in an editorial she wrote for the New York Post on November 17 last year said if sitting in front of OJ,

“And what went through my mind surprised me. Mental illness. Thought-process disorder. No empathy. Malignant narcissism.”

Funny, that’s sort of what went through mine about Regan when I read this but only in a fascinated, gawking kind of way. If someone actually did get him to write something it is bound to be far weirder than anything a ghost writer could produce. [source] [source]

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