Monday, June 25, 2007

The Daily News in the UK reports that unlike the effortless elegance and natural beauty that characterizes Victoria Beckham, her feet are beat up, bunion infested travesties and that she’s in constant probably crippling pain and is even thinking of going in for surgery to have the deformities that are currently causing the disfigurement of what might even now be more accurately described as “hooves” or “stumps”, removed.

It must be disheartening for Posh to wake up in the morning knowing that while she’s strived and succeeded at subsisting on a diet of edamame, diet coke, pretzels and shopping which has kept her at a constant level of near deadly dehydration and malnutrition but nevertheless still alive and extravagantly slim, that she still has pesky little reminders of her own humanity. It really goes to show that even if you have a staggering facility for the avoidance of reality, the disease can still seep through the cracks.
Still, she really shouldn’t go in for the surge. She should just smile and keep it all inside. How dare she complain. It’s so unladylike. Shop the pain away. It’s the Jessica Simpson way. [source]

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