Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton on Larry King last night has got to be one of the biggest let downs in the history of this week. First off, she treated Larry King like the parents of a friend from private school. She was completely and utterly synthetic, painfully polite and sweet in that way that middle class parents who struggle to pay the exorbitant school fees tend to demand. She’s learned how to be seen and not heard quite well. There were a few moments where you could glimpse sincerity – mainly when she was talking about bad jail was but the rest reeked of pre-meditated preparation with a PR consultant and lawyer.

Ken Sunshine was right when he said that she lost credibility because she denied ever using drugs but then, this is sort of like the election. It doesn’t actually matter what people who work in media in New York or LA think, the primary demographic for Paris Hilton are the people who have no idea how it works. All they want to hear is that she doesn’t do drugs and that’s good enough for them. If she said it, they’ll believe it and then it will be ok for their kids to want a Chihuahua.

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