Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A Californian judge has ruled that a financial transaction written in actual blood is void. Stephen Son owed Kim Jin-soo 140,000 dollars and they wrote the contract out in blood while having a pleasant meal in a restaurant. Despite the written agreement, the judge quoted Nietzsche as he ruled that the blood pact was not binding. "Blood is the worst of all testimonies to the truth," he said. Can we have an American judge that makes the papers in a charming way that isn’t high? [source]

While it’s not ok to smoke marijuana in Indonesia, it is ok to cook with it according to the nation’s government. The article says, “Many of dishes in Aceh province, where hemp plants are grown, such as mutton and beef curry are said to be laced with marijuana seeds to give them a distinctive local flavour.”.That local flavor being the subtle, rank, exhaustive aroma of a pasty suburbanite who plays video games in his parents basement, keeps bags and bags of cheap sweets around and never ever gets tired of South Park. Wow, can I have another serving of Indonesian Slacker Beef? [source]

The selection of weird assed news from around the world is a little lame today so, instead, here’s some footage of quality news moments in right wing vs. left wing arguments from the week so far.

First up is the always fascinating train wreck, Ann Coulter being told to stop being mean by Elizabeth Edwards on Chris Matthews:

Then from earlier in the week we have High School student Jesse Lange standing up to Bill O’Reilly and a moronic, moralizing parrot from his school:

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