Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Sun reports that Katie Holmes may actually be pregnant again and what really come out of this is that this whole Cruise/Holmes thing is just a waiting game of freakdom. The longer it goes on the more insane the fall out will be when she finally cracks and shaves her head or something. Marriage etc would be one thing but now that kids are involved the stakes are so much higher and therefore more horrendously terrifying and genius.

Britney’s public meltdown and subsequent unmasking was apparently just the pop cultural warm up to the crescendoing climactic point that will be Katie Holmes’ marriage breakdown. Then, something else will happen, for sure. Like, someone will implode. Maybe Perez Hilton will implode. Actually, no, Mary Hart will because her programming will short circuit and then her face will melt. She will still smile though. Her smile transcends any physicality. [source]

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Jonathan said...

Huh...I totally missed the story about Katie transforming into a 40 year old Jackie O.