Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Ai WeiWei's artwork named "Fairytale" involves 1001 people who are being brought from China to Germany to wander about the streets as a performance piece. Everything else aside, this is like the time when Big Bird finally got to convince everyone that Mr Snuffleupagus actually existed. Germany and China aregenerally responsible for the most inane, oddball news that happens in the world and as such, this piece symbolizes the two worlds of bizarreness merging. Watch it just end up being a bland anti-climax though. Like, after all that shit obsessed sex and selling babies the union of the two cultures will really just prompt everyone in Germany to sit down at cafes and blandly talk about income tax law. [source]

As you’d expect, in Germany, bratwurst is the equivalent of ice cream because making it involves animals, intestines and something else that’s probably sexual. As a result, the Germans are doing to Bratwurst what everyone else would do to gelato or ice cream; increasing the range of flavours to include lemon, cherry, aloe vera and other crap. It is assumed they imagine people will feel more excited about sausage once it’s flavoured to taste like dessert. Fair enough. [source]

The Washington Post reports that if this level of intensity continues regarding the coverage of the Presidential Election, Americans will very definitely descend into a malaise of campaign fatigue because they won’t be able to cope with that much information. With Paris currently stewing in jail and morphing into a more complex character she may in fact provide the balance America needs. It’s grown out of the fat idiot slut obsession it had in Anna Nicole and now it needs to insert a little more psychological insanity to stay distracted. Paris will provide that. Plus, campaigners are excited because it’s the end of the hate fest Republican reign. In six to twelve months things will get engaging again. [source]

A 70 year old man was arrested in Germany for walking around to people’s houses near the Czech border and spray painting the word “Puff” on them, which translates roughly to “whorehouse”. Everyone assumes that he was being a potty mouth but maybe it was just his unique way of suggesting potential businesses that could spring up in the area. [source]

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