Monday, June 04, 2007

Following on from Sarah Silverman’s astoundingly gutsy one-liners at Paris Hilton’s expense on the MTV Awards last night:

in front of the PR strategy confident Paris Hilton herself who obviously is putting up a brave face, she has finally entered jail.

You really can't go past the delightful chronic unease registering on Paris’ face while the full 13 second applause is played out at the mention that she’s going to jail. Go ahead, play it back if you want to. It's ok.

You just know she’s saying to herself, “They’re just jealous cause I’m so fabulous…” – actually, maybe she’s not really thinking at all, there’s a distinct possibility of that.

Regardless, the metamorphic zeitgeist has ACTUALLY entered jail (and TMZ were graciously there to film every step of the way so they could break it up into 4-5 separate posts this morning).

Her journey towards mega celebu-beast has officially begun.


The only question that remains unanswered, still, is "Who will distract us from the Iraq War now that Paris AND Lohan are hidden from public view?" The only likely answer is frosting. From the can. At every waking moment. The only thing left to do is say "Hello super obesity epidemic."
I said "super".

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