Friday, June 08, 2007

So, actually, Paris Hilton is going back to jail. The judge stepped in, cleared the media hype off the table with a swift full-arm gesture and has ruled that she isn’t allowed to convalesce in the palace; because interestingly enough, jail and Paris’ home are not the same thing. Look, I’m as surprised at that analysis as anyone else. Still, each to their own interpretation.
She apparently left the courtroom in tears screaming. Which is, of course, oddly gratifying news.
Someone in the equation was going to react. Either it was her screaming or the outraged public to react. The thing about this is, if she was let off then public outrage might actually have been dangerous. Obviously not to the extent of the Rodney King riots but there was legitimate public outrage at this and it seems like America was waking slightly.
Meanwhile, let’s look on the bright side. For her. She WILL now become a celebubeast after all. And she will eat us all. And enjoy it. And then want more. [source]

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