Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New York Post reports that while Paris Hilton is rapidly finding God in prison, is simplifying while not being allowed to moisturize and is just generally undergoing some identity restructuring to maximize profits her parents are hammering away at selling the rights to her first party upon release. Something isn’t quite syncing up though.

If Paris is selling the Fraulein Maria deal then she’s not going to want to party the minute she gets out and yet, her parents are selling the rights to her first post prison party as though she’s going to trot out the revealing shoelace dresses and heavily made up wonk eye as soon as she gets out. Camp Paris needs to start sending group emails and having WIP meetings.
Either the transition from entitled party whore to Fraulein Maria is totally fake or her parents are worse than Dina Lohan.

Well, they’re actually probably not THAT bad. Indeed, it’s feasible to suggest that the showmothering abuse displayed by Dina Lohan may not have previously been considered humanly possible until she managed to pioneer her way through into new groundbreaking, culture shocking territory.
Jesus, would these parents just accept that they never had a career? It’s ok. Not everyone gets to be a famous actor. Somebody drug them immediately. [source]

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