Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ok, so the News of the World ran some photos of Lindsay Lohan holding a knife up to her own throat in a kitchen and when they did, of course, the headline screamed that she was “crazed” and that the game was “chilling”. Am I the only one who thinks they actually aren’t that “crazed” and “chilling” at all? It’s clear that she’s just messing around in front of a camera, posing and pretending to be in some kind of b-list schlock film.

Who hasn’t done that?

Anyway, so she was posing with someone else who wasn’t really the focus of any attention at all until days later (ie. today) when the New York Post ran a piece explaining that the other person had been confirmed to be Vanessa Minillo, the sometimes reporter for Entertainment Tonight and apparent girlfriend of Nick Lachey.

It’s not like she was wearing a freaking burka, my GOD, it’s clearly her. Who needed to wait for freaking confirmation? This is SUCH a non-story anyway let alone the fact that we’re now reading in the news that it was just “confirmed” that Vanessa Minillo is in the photos. Wow, thanks for keeping on top of the story, New York Post. You really came through for us on a serious story.

Here are those shots, by the way, just so you can see how utterly obvious and non-issue they are. Because that’s the only reason I’m running them. Not because I’m jumping on the bandwagon or anything. Certainly not.

Meanwhile, let’s be fair. The bulk of the article in the New York Post was about how rancid and star fuckerish Minillo actually is and how she demanded everything and delivered more or less nothing on a recent trip to cover the Grammys. That part of the story more or less balances it out because there’s nothing better than a demanding diva story, especially when the diva ends up unemployed. All up, everything considered we’re about even at zero. And what, pray tell, can we do with zero. Fuck you New York Post and fuck Vanessa Minillo for not being fucking interesting or famous enough. [source] [source]

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