Thursday, June 28, 2007

While Paris Hilton was busy being both innocuous and the centre of international consciousness, a few other things happened.

When Lindsay Lohan crashed her car due to the myriad drugs in her system she was booked and now may go to jail. Well, it’s not certain but she was WAY more intoxicated than Paris Hilton and seeing as Paris Hilton went to jail, it would seem likely that Lindsay Lohan is currently sticking to rehab as a precaution. [source]

On his way out of office Prime Minister Tony Blair recommended to the Queen that Victoria Beckham be granted an aristocratic title enabling her already galactically entitled ego to expand even more. What exactly is it that gets you a title nowadays? Is it only something you get after you have pursued unending press visibility? [source]

Britney Spears was meant to perform with Cindy Lauper as part of the True Colors tour but she wanted to lip sync and they said she could only get on stage if she actually sang. That’s apparently out of the question. She seems so riddled with infection, anxiety and a crippling lack of coordination right now that if she did sing, it may be a show better suited to a scream therapy workshop. [source]

Laura Albert, the mind behind the fictional character, J T Leroy, who is pretty much hated by everyone at the moment for massed deceit, wants to pose for Playboy. Never mind the fact that she’s really more hipster/Lurch than Holly Madison, maybe it is the right thing to do. People like you more when you’ve been in a public sphere naked. [source]

But, even though this is all about un-Paris news, everything else aside: the Celebubeast is emerging. [source]

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