Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Kick ASS! K-Fed is bouncing back, thank GOD, and he’s doing what he does best. Inseminating women! Hooray! Shar Jackson, his ex-girlfriend, the mother of his other two kids, the ones he had prior to his marriage to Britney Spears, is pregnant with another of his kids.

Because, in the case of Federline, those who can’t DO simply find someone who can and then they impregnate them and cash the child support checks at the end of the day. He latches on, impregnates them and then there is forever a bond between him and someone with a career.

Incidentally, any woman who lets K-Fed within a mile of her uterus would be better off getting a lobotomy, let alone Shar Jackson who must be the most inane, self loathing twit in Hollywood right now. Hell, maybe she can get a reality show based on “giving it another shot”. And then it would come full circle.

If K-Fed keeps this rate of kids up he’ll qualify as his own religion by the time he’s fifty. And there’s a religion any insecure, talented pop star woman should join. [source]

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