Thursday, June 07, 2007

Celebrity breast feeding in public could be seen as the refined “I live in Park Slope with my critically acclaimed actor boyfriend” version of the Paris Hilton sex tape and Britney Spears “getting out of a car” incident or the far more pedestrian Amanda Lepore championed “public identity clincher” breast baring.
(Anytime there might be a lull in the conversation Amanda will selflessly reveal her flawlessly crafted breasts – dinner parties, charity events. It’s a public service almost…)

Paris and Britney can flash gash for cash because it’s sort of expected of them as they’re corporate products who pander to the bottom line. Other people like Maggie Gyllenhaal are far too sophisticated for that. But who can pass up a bit of publicity? We never saw Michelle Williams out breast feeding and its unlikely the timid, innocuous Naomi Watts is that assertive.

Plus, breast feeding in public is a totally and utterly fool proof way of baring your breasts infront of people because any celebrity who gets photographed breastfeeding (whose photo is then plastered all over the universe) can quite reasonably argue that breastfeeding is a human reality, inoffensive and non-sexual.
Which is legitimately true.
So, you win and the media get shots of your breasts in public without you having to go through the unpleasantness of having people stare up your dress or download your mpeg file. In fact, breast feeding in public is win win for everyone involved. Especially the kid. [source]

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