Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Cab drivers in Beijing during the Olympics will not be allowed to have shaved heads. So, they can have massive, expensive spittoons at vast expense but no shaved heads. Who exactly makes these rules? It really seems like the Chinese government is run by a mad hatter who lives in a tower. He never sleeps and he simply dances around in a sparkling gown issuing forth random arbitrary proclamations. But wait, shaved heads are actually difficult. You can’t tell what a person is thinking when they have no hair so maybe forcing people to have hair will be calmer for paranoid officials. What about naturally bald people? Also, what about things that actually need to be built and put in place for the Olympic Games? [source]

Law enforcement officer Norberto Cappas was arrested for forcing two women to perform a sex show for him in a cell. Cappas reportedly picked the women up for alleged drug use but it turns out they didn’t have drugs on them and weren’t charged with anything. Despite those two facts, he did take them back to the station and that’s where he started to aggressively direct his own private lesbian jail sex porn production live in a cell. Isn’t it also a possibility that he was directing Kabuki Opera and his two main cast members quit so he panicked? It’s a progressive theatre company that he’s in. Non traditional. [source]

Locally famous Indian singer, Himesh Reshammiya snuck into a Muslim Church dressed as a woman in burqa so he could avoid being recognized and bothered. Everyone was offended. Why? Probably because if he had been accidentally gang raped by a priest, the rapists would have felt really uncomfortable and he would have had to have worried about if they were gay or not. Only women are allowed to be treated like anonymous cattle. You know, there’s nothing greater than a “local celebrity” gunning for some publicity. This guy gets no slack though because in a perpetually mortified country like India, there’s no excuse for unfamous people when everyone is so easily shockable. He could very easily have been naked underneath that burqa. Next time we want 120% effort from Himesh Reshammiya. [source]

A teacher who forced a student to write “I am a retard” over and over again on the blackboard was acquitted. How can that kind of thing be considered ok? Because the kid probably was a retard. Kids can be pretty freaking annoying sometimes. [source]

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