Friday, June 08, 2007

The debate is pretty much one sided when it comes to Paris Hilton getting out of jail and being allowed to serve the rest of her time convalescing in her own palace.

People are horrified.

First she was allowed to stay home, then the L A Counter Supervisor Mike Antovich ordered a court session to find out why this was happening, because it reeks of corruption. Paris was going to stay at home and attend court by phone but now, it seems Antovich has ordered Paris to get her ass to court. So, she took a limo. Obviously.

Let's be fair for a second: there are a few people who like Paris and think she should get out early; namely Sheriff Baca, Dr. Sophy and the others who were won over by Paris’ zeitgeisty charm and of course the Hilton family. So what’s that like 12? 12 FOR her release. 5 billion AGAINST her release. There are so many question up in the air that remain unanswered though. What was the disease she had? Is she getting preferential treatment? Barron Hilton the brother. What does he think? Does he want to pose nude any time soon?

It seems like L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich is playing the same role in the Paris Hilton scenario as Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick J. Leahy played in the Alberto Gonzales hearings; He is the initial, outraged, energetically opposing voice of authority that seems to insist on transcending public apathy and bureaucratic corruption to well funded cronyism and the unfair special treatment of the rich and connected.

It’s fairly clear what has more than likely happened here; through a combination of the family pulling strings and paying off a star fucker doctor who sells endorsements for profits and association and Paris being the generic sex object of every average straight male in the universe, she’s managed flirt and to slip through the bars and get home. What the fuck did Baca expect to happen here? A hand job in return for freedom and no one would notice?
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