Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today in Extraordarily Odd

Because there’s a clear gap in the market, Japanese gaming company Konami – who make a lot of the Nintendo games the kids are playing, are planning to market skin care software for Nintendo that gives daily skin tips based on its own reading of the body. What is the product development department at these companies actually on? Peyote? Do they have two huge spinning wheels with random things on them like chocolate, marriage, pants and hilarious and then on the other they have objects like wheels, controller, CD player and Flash drive. Everyone does some peyote and they all just spin. [source]

A freaked out squirrel went on a wild vicious nibbling rampage in Germany where the targets seemed only to be the elderly and construction workers. Eventually, it ran into a garden and scrambled all over this old man biting him but was killed by the old man. It was beaten to death with a crutch. While the squirrel may have been mad, rabid, a paranoid schizophrenic or just sexually attracted to fear in the elderly, the fact remains that it was beaten to death by an elderly man with his crutch and that’s just pathetic. [source]

Shiv Charan Yadav, a 73 year old farmer from India has failed his high school exams for the 38th time. What’s prompting him to continue sitting for the exams? The fact that he’s got plans to marry a woman under 30. Does she know? Either way, what a score for her! An aging, rural illiterate! Seeing as he probably only has about ten minutes to live out there in the Indian heartland anyway, surely a change of priorities would ensure that, prior to death, he’s not endlessly plagued by what seems to be a fundamental tendency TO fail. Look, it’s just not for you. Stop failing and go back to what you do best. Which, when you think about it, may actually just be failure. Gosh, what a pickle you’re in, Shiv Charan Yadav you old failure. [source]

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