Friday, June 29, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Jane Baligh of Seattle registered her dog to vote and then took him to the polls and actually used a paw print to mark the ballot did so because she wanted to highlight how easy voter fraud was. Essentially, it’s the same kind of thing as putting a fake bomb on a plane to prove that airport security is lax. So, the dog voted etc. and now she’s faced with 90 days in jail and she maintains that she’ll contest the sentence. Ok, great. The people who do this kind of thing unsolicited are such attention seeking kids. They’re like the kids that speak out with their parents morals about Christianity – they are doing it to be noticed. God people who vie for public attention and approval are dull and predictable. [source]

Lingerie models are sort of like caffeine in the sense that you can take any product and infuse it with either and a certain group of people will buy that product. If you’re a straight man who is also a classless, desperate idiot, for instance, and you need a hair cut you go to a place where they women cutting your hair wear lingerie only. It’s actually not easy to become more lame than that – SO – props must be given to 48 year old Kevin Bean who was not only a patron of such a salon in Salem, New Hampshire but who also took it upon himself to get into his underwear as well. When he was told to get dressed he did the opposite and got completely naked. The hair stylists kicked him out of the store naked and called the police. When you’re Kevin Bean and that happens, do you have a personal revelation about the direction your life is headed? [source]

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