Monday, June 25, 2007

It’s been pretty annoying for Justin Timberlake of late; what with the paparazzi following him around all over the place. That’s why, when he started lashing out at them as the short film at the source for this post shows, no one should see anything wrong with that.

After all, he’s never asked for attention at all and he’s not an entirely arrogant douche bag with a mind blowing God complex.

No, it’s not that all.

The question here really is: Is Justin Timberlake going the way of Spears and Li Lo in the sense that all those years of reigning in the humanity to ensure maximum marketability coupled with having a thousand corporate execs calculating his every move starting to take its toll? This is how it started with Britney. She was lashing out with an umbrella at the paparazzi and it proved a slippery slope for her.

As he has no hair right now, the obvious is ruled out but what does that leave for him to do at the crux point during which his exterior starts to crack?

Are we to expect that he will soon get caught in a hotel room with a couple of dead hookers and a mirror on the floor with a scattering of cocaine thrown across it? Well, look – it’s just an idea but why not? He’d clearly be whimpering in the corner of the room, perhaps sitting in the fetal position, rocking back and forth while biting his own knee. One of the hookers is actually a 40 year old man in drag. Ok, that’s probably not that likely. The hooker would have to be under 30 but she’d have messed up teeth.


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