Friday, June 29, 2007

Week #26 in Review

The week when Paris emerged from her celebrity cocoon proved that hyper Hilton saturation has begun but so too has the beast herself morphed in ways we will only gauge as the weeks ahead unfold. TMZ, always with their finger on the button kicked off what eventually became a blow by 15 – 30 minutely blow of what was happening as the Hiltons went to the jail to pick up Paris as she was released. Their first post was a report that suggested the first thing Paris might want to do when she gets out is eat Taco Bell.
Fundamentally though, the behavior of those around her, including the editorial policies of the news organizations when it came to her, were far more interesting than the innocuous posing of Paris Hilton herself. Larry King interviewed Paris the day after she got out and she didn’t answer any of the questions in depth and it was widely accepted that she lied about her drug use. Barbara Walters, moments before Paris emerged announced that she didn’t want to interview Paris about her time inside because it felt “tawdry”, Anderson Cooper poured relentless rage and disapproval on her for an hour explaining that he felt she hadn’t done enough with the resources she inherited from her family – unlike he had, being a Vanderbilt and Perez Hilton did not comment at all and simply drew a halo above her on the picture he posted and provided a link to the transcript of the interview.

Meanwhile, across the pond, as Tony Blair left 10 Downing Street, he handed his list of suggested knighthoods etc. to the Queen and it was discovered that Victoria Beckham was on the list. Despite being on such an elite list, the Daily News in the UK reported that underneath her exhaustively prepared exterior, Posh Spice has bunions which will more than likely need to be removed with surgery. The Spice girls announced they would be having a reunion tour which would net each of them 20 million pounds.
While still in rehab, Lindsay Lohan’s court date for having cocaine and alcohol in her blood when she crashed her car over the Memorial Day weekend drew closer prompting speculation as to whether she will eventually serve jail time – particularly in light of the heavy sentence Paris received and Lilly Allen was arrested for punching a paparazzi in the face in the UK.

Britney Spears and Isaiah Washington both made the claim that the time they were required to spend in rehab was bogus as it was ineffective rehab treatment and they both stated that they felt they were not in a state that actually needed treatment. Despite her apparent lack of substance abuse problems however, Britney Spears turned down the offer to appear on stage with Cindy Lauper in her True Colors tour because they would not let her lip sync.
Laura Albert, the actual person behind the fictitious literary character J T Leroy, announced that she would be interested in posing for Playboy, Elizabeth Edwards called in to Hardball with Chris Matthews while Ann Coulter appeared live on the show and told her to stop being mean. Ann Coulter countered her request by telling Edwards to stop raising money out of publicity the Edwards camp got from fighting with her in her media and during an interview with a journalist, Amy Winehouse carved the words “I Love Blake” into her stomach, presumably with a sharp object of some kind.
It was revealed that OJ Simpson did not actually write a word of the unpublished book that bore his name entitled “If I Did It”, in Sweden, Justin Timberlake repeated verbally abused fans and paparazzi for taking his photo, Kate Moss and Pete Doherty appeared together in a fashion spread for Roberto Cavalli dressed as Cleopatra and Marlon Brando and Willa Ford, the actress who is currently being filmed playing the part of Anna Nicole Smith in the telemovie about Smith’s life, revealed that the part of Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur will be cut entirely from the telemovie.
“We didn’t write the mother in to the film on purpose. She is not in the movie at all,” said Willa Ford. “She just doesn’t deserve to be in the film. If there is one thing Anna wouldn’t want, it’s her mother in a movie about her life.”

In world records and notable number news: The title of the World’s Ugliest Dog went to a hideous travesty of a Chihuahua, Chinese crested cross named Elwood, Champion Hot Dog eater Takeru Kobayashi announced, to his dismay, that he has a jaw injury and will probably not be competing in the competition at Coney Island this summer, a Californian judge ruled that a financial transaction that was written out in actual blood to the value of $US140,000 was not valid and in the drawn out law suit between an administrative judge and his dry cleaners, the suit which was asking for 54 million dollars in damages for a pair of lost pants, the presiding judge ruled in favour of the dry cleaners.

In the North America, a law enforcement officer was arrested for forcing two women to perform sexual acts on each other in a cell after he took them back to the station on suspicion of drug use despite the fact that they had displayed no signs of intoxication, Jane Baligh of Seattle who registered her dog to vote and then actually had him do so to prove how easy voter fraud is announced she would plead innocent to charges that could land her in jail, a man was arrested when he insisted on standing naked in a salon where the stylists only wear lingerie and the first ambulance built specifically to transport the morbidly obese was unveiled in Canada.

In Europe a 22 year old American was arrested for swimming naked in Rome’s Barcaccia Fountain and a teacher was acquitted of charges that involved her forcing a student to repeatedly write “I am a retard” as punishment for homophobic bullying.

Over in Asia, locally famous singer Himesh Reshammiya was in trouble for attempting to sneak into a Muslim temple in India wearing a burqa so he wouldn’t be recognized, the Chinese government announced that during the Beijing Olympics no cab drivers would be allowed to have shaved heads, the Catholic church in Manila announced that there would be a dress code imposed upon attendees of mass from now on and the Indonesian government legalized the use of marijuana as a seasoning agent for food.
In Russia, the law enforcement agencies unveiled the second robot cop designed to fight crime on the streets. Its name is R. Bot 001 although technically the first one to be put to work rusted as soon as it rained. This one is said to be far more efficient.

“You can’t make it angry,” an official spokesperson said. “When it repeats the same thing over and over in a monotone voice, then perhaps the information will sink in”

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