Monday, June 11, 2007

Today In Extraordinarily Odd

The EU has finally defined exactly what veal is and all I can say is thank GOD. Too often you could easily find yourself wandering around Europe buying veal and sometimes the meat would be white, sometimes red. The suspense and also agony was altogether unnecessary and sometimes dangerous. Not anymore. Now, there are strict standards as to what constitutes veal and now we can all breathe a sigh of well earned relief. Well, not all of us. The 8 month old calves who aren’t allowed to spend time with their mother, who live in tightly confined boxes and who are only fed milk and a little grain still have a hard time but perhaps even they should have empathy. After all, now we can expect a certain standard of abuse in our meat at every restaurant in Europe and you really can’t buy that kind of assurance. Sometimes it’s nice to be happy for other people. [source]

Two officials have been jailed in China because they hired a blind contractor to build a bridge and when it was done, it collapsed. Say what you want about how freaking insane the Chinese are as a collective culture, with particular accusatory blame focused on their outdated paranoid government, but the reality is that they never fail to deliver on the inanity stakes. Bless them. [source]

A man in Vancouver had blood drawn for a test and it turned out his blood was a dark dark green color. Sadly, news reports immediately explained that it was merely the result of him taking his headache medication. That’s sad, you know, because with a rational scientific explanation there’s no room left for a Catholic “demon based” interpretation and the subsequent hysterical alienation of the man. Oh, ok…we can still freak out a little. HE’S the FREAKING ANTI-CHRIST! BURN HIM! Ahhhh, religion. It’s better than a shot of sweet lady H.[source]

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