Wednesday, June 13, 2007

While it’s probably just another tired old case of the bleak and telling, attack dog of cultural irrelevance barking at the back door, Eminem is indeed making public digs at Mariah Carey via his new album and Mariah Carey is apparently really upset about it. Again.

Bear in mind that they dated 6 years ago so it’s not like this is NEW material.

But at the core of it, thank GOD we the public can check in with the two because if there’s one thing the public cares about right now it’s Eminem, whose ability to be edgy has eroded almost to the point that if he got wet you’d just slip right off him (wow, what a metaphor) and Mariah Carey whose yo-yoing weight and earth crippling entitlement and ego relegated her to the “insane diva” pile ages ago.
These two are like a Rosie and The Donald duo. It’s works for both of them to slap each other. Of course, her discomfort at being ridiculed by Eminem is nothing compared to the horror she would register if no one paid attention again so it’s sort of the best of a bad lot type of scenario so the bickering can continue. Plus, he seems to be dragging out the elderly material because he has nothing left to say. She needs a one woman show….[source]

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