Friday, June 22, 2007

Today In Extraordinarily Odd

A charming man in Massachusetts has been arrested on suspicion of stealing bones from graves. He apparently stole, or allegedly stole rather, a skull and a femur so he could make a bong out of it. Or something. An ashtray. Wow, he must be a real catch. A freak who works at a cemetery and who steals bones so he can get all mystical when he smokes weed every night on the acrylic, brown, 70s sofa in the basement. His girlfriend complained to police when she believed he killed the dog. The question here is; why was she not his wife. Why ONLY girlfriend. What could possibly have been holding her back from fully committing? Whore. [source]

Ok, well, watch out previous record holder for the amount of time spent on a treadmill because Dean Karnazes is hell bent focused on breaking that record. As we sit here, he’s up in Times Square running on a treadmill right now. Running away. Run the pain away, could be the way it works. It’s for charity. Who knows how this nailbiting extravaganza will turn out but there’s one treadmill champion out there somewhere, sweatin’ in his boots that’s for sure. [source]

An Italian mayor is planning on discouraging the use of prostitutes in men by photographing them and then publishing the shots. Maybe it’s Italy’s proximity to the Vatican or maybe the mayor is in fact an over compensating, guilt laden connoisseur of cash accessed truck stop cooch (here’s hoping it’s a little of both!) Either way, there’s no denying it, what we’ve got here is a good old fashioned shame based initiative that will eventually provide some kick ass media coverage and that can’t be a bad thing. [source]

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