Friday, June 08, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A guy in a wheelchair got stuck to the front of a truck and then the truck’s driver drove off and the wheelchair guy was still stuck so it was like a kind of involuntary roller coaster ride. The truck driver never knew the guy was there until he was pulled over by police. Ok, spectacle aside, how the fuck do you get your wheelchair stuck to the grill of a massive truck and how is it that no one saw this happening prior to the 50 mile and hour ride down the freeway. What? I need some pinkberry yoghurt. [source]

Italian Senators are DEMANDING that ice cream be included in their cafeteria because it is the stuff of innocent childhood joy and, it seems, they feel that lack childhood joy. You can just imagine an Italian senator standing up in the senate and singing an aria with subtitles beneath him that read the exact words from the letter senators sent to the Senate building’s administrators "The cafeteria is not supplied with ice cream," said the letter, published by Italian newspapers on Friday. "We think it would be useful if it were and we are certain that it can be interpreted as the desire of many." And then, dramatically, someone dies. Probably. [source]

Rather than allow students to simple hang out and relax during break time, Chinese schools have taken to providing them with dance steps that will allow them to feel like they’re progressing even when they’re not working. Because, you’re always working for the good of the state. Even sleep is good because it provides you with rest so you can work harder. State designed sleep that is. Anyway, parents in China are freaking out because they’re worried that the dances are going to promote romantic tinglings between adolescent students. Romance and sex are distractions. In China, relaxation can feasibly lead to rape but not for the reasons you ‘d think. [source]

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pinkeyeberry said...

mmm... pinkberry yogurt. I eat mine wearing Alesi stainless steel slacks just to get my tastebuds in the mood.