Friday, June 15, 2007

Just when we thought the Anna Nicole Smith saga was as dead as her conscious mind seemed to be when it came to discerning between sexual partners prior to her actual physical death, Circuit Judge Lawrence Korda, who was presiding over the Anna Nicole case in March has announced that he’s stepping down after 28 years. More than likely to avoid being charged because of the pot he was caught smoking in a park.

While it’s entirely understandable that someone as self absorbed and emotionally immature as a showboating judge would need to take it upon themselves to get stoned to deal with the inane circus of pop culture that was surrounding the case he was presiding over, why on earth would you do it in the middle of a park? In public. Where people recognize you.

This is clearly one of those cases where the idiot wants to be caught and maybe this was his way of stepping out of his job. Plus, these days, the best way to bypass a line and bar tab in America is to do something stupid on TV or in front of camera men. Like, you know – just throw up on someone, pretend to get married, get drunk and talk about racism, take drugs and lay in the front seat of your car so the press can shoot pictures of you, shave your head, get stoned in a public park when you’re a judge. It’s a sign of a muse like soul that needs to be illuminated if you do one of those things. [source]

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