Wednesday, June 13, 2007

US Magazine is reporting that Shar Jackson may not actually be pregnant at all. Which could be code for, "I was pregnant but I got scooped out".

It’s a little more demure to simply deny the entire thing, zip into a lunchtime abortion clinic, undergo the procedure and then get on with your life and career. A career that is entirely based on the fact that you realized you should never go near the Fed-Ex again. After all, her show, The Ex Wives Club, would lose a little integrity if she simply couldn’t commit to being the ex-wife.

Either that or this entire thing is just like the time Kim Catrall was unsure if the Sex and the City movie script would be "good enough" so she waited for a while to confirm involvement, hyped up the press surrounding her and then confirmed her involvement as she was always going to do. After all, what would these women do without hot air inflated fluff publicity. There isn’t exactly a whole lot of “critical acclaim” keeping them relevant. [source]

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